Cat® Product Link™ | Fleet and Asset Management

Cat® Product Link™ - To work at top productivity and efficiency, your equipment needs fuel, maintenance and the right amount of work to do. But effectively managing a number of machines on multiple job sites can be a complex task. Today, we'll see how the new Product Link helps to simplify and streamline fleet and asset management - to help you get more done every day.

With a big fleet spread over a number of job sites, it can be a challenge to keep track of what equipment is on what site. Even if you only a have a few machines, you'll have concerns about theft or inappropriate unauthorized use. Product Link makes it easy it is to track the location of your equipment, set up virtual site boundaries (sometimes called geo-fences) and improve the security of your assets.

Its easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink®, enables customized health and utilization reports, and mapping and mixed fleet capabilities. And Product Link transmits the information via cell and satellite. Product Link connects customers to our world-class dealer network. Product Link gets you accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and condition of your equipment—the kind of information that can make a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation. It pays to know the Cat Product Link.

Let your Cat® dealer help you improve your bottom-line results by using Cat fleet management telematics information.