Cooking Planit™ Launches Competitive Subscription Meal Planning Services

Cooking Planit is proud to announce the launch of the most cost-effective and interactive meal plans available online. Cooking Planit is the only utility that takes the guesswork out of cooking so you can have fun in the kitchen. When you’re ready to start preparing dinner, the power of Cooking Planit’s Meal Co-Pilot is there to guide you step-by-step to ensure dinner is served on time, every time!

Now Cooking Planit and its Executive Culinary Director are making dinner even easier by customizing meal plans, saving time and eliminating the frustration home cooks face when deciding, “What’s for dinner?” Users can select from a variety of meal plans to suit their tastes, inspired by some of Cooking Planit users’ favorite dietary and cooking choices. Each plan offers five complete dinners (entrée and sides) per week, virtually eliminating the time it takes to plan weeknight dinners.

The four initial meal plan options powered by Meal Co-Pilot include:

  • Under 40 Minutes—If you want dinner fast, this meal plan is for you. You’ll get complete meals that are ready in 40 minutes or less.
  • Gluten-Free—Be inspired by dishes you can actually enjoy with this meal plan that automatically omits any recipe containing a gluten-filled ingredient, from soy sauce to wheat pasta.
  • Vegetarian—This plan includes our favorite veggie-centric recipes or meals while omitting anything containing meat, poultry, pork or seafood. Dairy and eggs may be included, although vegan-friendly options will be offered occasionally.
  • Surprise Me!—Don’t fall into a dinner rut! This meal plan ensures dinner always stays interesting by sending you great menu suggestions with a variety of delicious dishes from all over the globe.

Competitive and affordable pricing options include the ability to subscribe on a monthly ($3.99), quarterly ($9.99) or yearly ($34.99) basis. Best of all, each user receives the first month free and can cancel at anytime.  

The subscription plan works as follows: Each Thursday, users receive an email notification with new menu suggestions for the upcoming week. From there, users unlock the full power of Cooking Planit, where they can:

  • Preview the meals and view the other plans for FREE.
  • Save selected meals to their cookbook for later reference.
  • Swap out recipes for more favorable options.
  • Add all ingredients to a grocery list.
  • Scale meals for two, four or six servings.
  • Schedule mealtimes to receive reminder alerts.

Every week users will receive five meals to choose from, but they can also browse the weekly options from any of Cooking Planit’s other plans at absolutely no additional cost.

“We designed our meal plans to minimize the amount of time someone must spend figuring out what to make for dinner each week,” said Chef Emily Wilson. “Instead of searching aimlessly through cookbooks, magazines or the Internet, users can receive five complete meals each week, choose which ones they want to make, then with a click of a button, schedule dinner for the upcoming week and create a grocery list. It may seem hard to believe, but that's truly because no one else can offer meal planning the way Cooking Planit can.”

Meal plans have launched online only (full mobile access coming soon), but once meals are chosen and saved, Cooking Planit will sync across any mobile and tablet devices. From there, users will continue to enjoy all the favorite features of Cooking Planit, like our comprehensive grocery lists and the one-and-only Meal Co-Pilot that delivers step-by-step instructions so you can think less and eat better.

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Cooking Planit is a website and app that has been coined as a GPS for the kitchen. This tool helps you plan and schedule meals and create full grocery lists, and it guides you step-by-step to put a full meal (main course and side dishes) on the table at the same time. Cooking Planit is available for free online and as apps, with in-app upgrades available upon download.