I first saw the Funny The Movie casting call in Backstage magazine when I was told about it by my friend, Tiffany Patch. We both decided to apply and were given audition times on Saturday, April 26th, in New York City. I received the script for my audition a few days before the casting call, but Tiffany didn't get hers until the day before. She was auditioning for the role of Sam the bartender and I was playing Mike, a bar owner. We decided to prepare for our auditions together on Friday, April 25th, since we both attend the same acting school, Playhouse West in Philadelphia, and live close to each other. We chose a winery to start our rehearsal, since a friend was playing guitar there that afternoon. We ran through our scripts a few times and discussed our characters, and had a little wine. We continued rehearsing at Tiffany's house, where we not only read the script, but worked on her memorization. At one point, we were throwing an umbrella back and forth to each other as she recited. It worked! She memorized the whole script. As the evening went on, she got better and better at doing the scene.

The next morning, I picked her up and we drove to the Hamilton, NJ, train station and then took a train to Penn Station. We met up with our fellow Playhouse West student, Ashley Williams, at the train station and we all practiced for our auditions on the ride to New York. We went to the Radisson Martinique on Broadway where the auditions were being held and found there were literally hundreds of people there to audition, some with audition appointments, but most for the open call in the afternoon. We stood in line, checked-in, and were told to go into a corridor and stand in another line awaiting our auditions. We ran into Marty Krzywonos who is also a member of Playhouse West. He was ahead of us in the audition line. When we got the the audition room door, we found out that the person who was next to audition was also in the room when the person in front of them was auditioning. Since I was behind Tiffany, I got to watch her do the audition we had rehearsed so many times. She did an amazing job! The best ever!

My audition seemed to go well also. Luckily, I had a really well-written script, and I'm one of those people who actually enjoys auditioning. Everyone in the room was very helpful and supportive. After we all had finished our auditions, we went out to lunch and later took the 2-1/2 hour trip home. Rudy, the producer, started announcing some of the people who had been selected for roles on Twitter. Just after midnight, on Saturday, May 17th, I got a text message from Tiffany waking me up and telling me I had been cast in the role of Mike! I checked Twitter and there it was. A couple of weeks later, Tiffany got the role of Sam, and shortly thereafter, Marty was cast as well. We're all very much looking forward to working on this film and making it something great! @ScottLehman1