Agape Gift Store Presents Cyber Bullying Event

 ALEDO, TX, May 22, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Agape Gift Store located at 108 Jearl St. Aledo, TX, will host a special event May 24th. at 1:00 p.m. A book signing and discussion surrounding an unfortunate issue that taunts tweens and teens, cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying isn't something new that tweens and teens experience. However, Amanda M. Thrasher's latest novel The Greenlee Project takes an emotional glimpse into the reality of cyber bullying. Students often witness this type of bullying; some kids participate, and some unknowingly become victims themselves. Thrasher will discuss The Greenlee Project storyline, characters, cyber bullying, answer questions, and sign copies of her latest novel. According to reviews, this book has the ability to help kids understand the seriousness of their actions and the consequences that can occur. Often the position of parents, kids, teachers, and others in the community regarding cyber bullying is overlooked, however, Thrasher's novel addresses all of the above.

Thrasher observed students during lunch periods, sports events, and off campus activities while gathering research for The Greenlee Project. "It's shocking, though not surprising, how many great kids make ridiculous choices surrounded by their peers due to a 3 x 5 piece of technology that they hold in their hands, phones. " - Amanda M. Thrasher

Judy Wallace, owner of Agape Gifts, said after reviewing the book, she believed the book contained an inspirational message that could assist tweens and teens with the ongoing terrible bullying issues that they deal with on a daily basis. "I loved the story, the ending, and have since passed the book on to others. There's an inspirational message in there." - Judy Wallace.
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"The Greenlee Project is a captivating fictional story addressing critical real-life issues that tweens and teens face today. Bullying and cyber-bullying are part of our society today that has had tragic consequences for many. Amanda Thrasher is a talented author, who has delivered a story that is both compelling and also thought-provoking. You can feel the emotions of each of the characters as the story unfolds along this journey. It will leave you with a desire to change the world around you and to talk to others about the increasing severity of bullying and cyber-bullying. With the discussion questions included, this is an excellent choice for book-clubs and middle school language arts classes. Such a critical and important story." - Lisa Robinson, CFLE, OK

"The Greenlee Project is a touching and chilling cautionary tale that every teen should read. Amanda Thrasher gives us interesting and compelling characters, a well-crafted plot, and a breathless pace. Her teens are so real that you will feel you know them personally. Normal adolescent insecurity and thirst for acceptance trumps friendship and consideration, leading to a nightmare: a runaway chain of uncaring unflattering and unmerciful photos and posts, threatens to destroy friendships, self-regard, and careers. Technology magnifies the worst instincts of the people involved, while the victims must decide how to face up to their tormentors. Teens will find 'The Greenlee Project' a compelling read and helpful guide, while adults will see the challenges today's teens face. This is a grand and important story..." - David A. Bedford, Ph.D. Instructor of Spanish at TCU

An emotional roller coaster ride through the cause and effects of bullying: By Sherry on April 9, 2014- Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Amanda Thrasher eloquently allows us a peek at the real-life challenges that our teens face on a daily basis. Bullying is a serious problem with our young people, and the book takes you on a roller coaster ride through the emotional trauma that it causes. This book not only focuses on the bullying problem, but it also focuses on the origination of the bullying act itself and how peer pressures can cause an otherwise respectable young person to make bad choices. Teens want to be popular, pretty, thin ...etc, and they will go to great lengths to do what they feel necessary to gain the acceptance of their peers without giving much thought to the consequences of their actions. The book also sheds light on the affect that the bullying act has on the families, teachers, communities, and friends of not only the person being bullied, but also the person acting as the bully. The Greenlee Project is a wonderful book about a terrible subject. It's hard to read this book without feeling sad, then angry, then empathetic, then proud.

About the Author: Amanda M. Thrasher lives in Aledo, TX. After leaving the corporate world, creative writing always a passion became a full-time career. Author of: The Greenlee Project, Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch, The Ghost of Whispering Willow, Sadie's Fairy Tea Party and There's a Gator Under My Bed! Other Publications include: What If...A Story of Shattered Lives. A reader's theater script for the Texas Municipal Education Center, as part of the D.R.S.R. (Driving on the Right Side of the Road) program. This script is geared toward teen safety while driving. Visit author website for details or classroom resources:

Thrasher continues to share her work with school children of all ages, speak at conferences, and works closely with local Barnes and Nobles raising funds through community Book-Fair programs. She contributes to a blog, an online magazine, and assists other authors with their work. Her next release will be the third installment of The Mischief Series.

Book Title: The Greenlee Project
ISBN: 978-1-940-834-01-6
Price: $9.95

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