Half Moon Wholefoods Now Sells Healthy and Gluten Free Products

One of the most popular health food shops in Cumbria, Half Moon Wholefoods have now opened an online health food store where you can buy gluten free hampers as well as other health products.

Half Moon Wholefoods came into being 25 years ago and is now being maintained by Kathleen and Alison, who have owned it since 2007. Since that time the two have taken all the steps necessary to ensure that their customers get only the healthiest products possible. Among those currently being offered are for aromatherapy, food supplements, health food and drinks and special products for kids and adults’ health. Half Moon also sells natural herbal remedies to treat a variety of conditions, and furthermore, the store also offers a wide array of probiotics, digestive aids and products rich in important fatty acids.

An important part of Half Moon Wholefoods’ product line is their home brews and hampers which have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of different people. Their vast hamper line includes fine food, diabetic, organic and many others, and in addition the company offers health remedies for heart condition, joint pain, vitamins and minerals and more.

Half Moon Wholefoods also has several home remedies available now, and regardless which one you order, whether online or in their shop at the Brampton market town in North East Cumbria, you can be assured of getting nothing less than quick and reliable service. Most importantly all the products here have been tested and proven to give your health the boost it needs, as they are committed to nothing less than total wellness.


About Half Moon Wholefoods

Half Moon Wholefoods is a health food store that sells organic hampers, diabetic hampers and other health products. Aside from their online store they also have a shop in Cumbria. For more information please go to



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