Embracing Science Over Mainstream Deceptions, Warren Martin Gives His Fitness Clients and Trainers the Hard Truths

Conway, AR – January 7, 2014 - Changing his clients’ bodies and fitness and nutrition mindsets since launching his career in the industry in 2000, Warren Martin has achieved amazing results in training over a thousand people, from kids to college and pro athletes, adults of all ages and seniors. Devoted to a constant flow of education, he has done over 30,000 training hours and has seven certifications and over twenty specializations – including Youth, Senior, Joint Problems, Cardio Performance, General Cardio, Pre/Post Natal, Fat loss, Life Coaching, Nutrition and Exercise Techniques. A dynamic entrepreneur, his Warren Martin Fitness (WM Fitness) also helps other personal trainers and coaches develop their careers.

Whether he’s training at his home base of 365 Fitness in Conway, Arkansas, working one on one in people’s homes or conducting after school boot camps for teachers in the region, he finds that in essence, everyone he works with ultimately wants the same thing.

“People want to find the answer on how to get their body back,” Martin says. “There is this ‘wow’ factor when they start understanding the details I am telling them about why their previous attempts to lose weight or get in better shape have failed. The priceless moments is when they learn how to get real results. I do an assessment, telling them it’s a deep learning curve and not magic, and if they just want someone to give them some basic exercises, maybe they’re in the wrong place. My ultimate goal for all of my clients is to help them hit their full potential, in a way that fits into their life so they can have a life.”

One of the keys to his success has been choosing science over mainstream thought when it comes to proper fitness and nutrition. Motivated in part by his extended family, many of whose members were overweight and had weight related diseases, Martin—who joined the Marines briefly after high school and was awarded most physically fit in his platoon--switched his major from business to fitness at Arkansas Tech University a few months before he was scheduled to graduate.

Though he eventually earned a Bachelor’s in Wellness and Fitness and got his feet wet with his a gig that had him doing everything from cleaning machines to training, his real education in the fitness world came from achieving numerous specialist certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and APEX Fitness Group. Martin has advanced through his ongoing education in pursuit of a Masters in Applied Sports Psychology. Martin is also a Certified MMA Strength Coach.  

In launching Warren Martin Fitness, Martin began following the precepts of APEX Fitness Founder Neil Spruce and NASM’s scientific approach, which trumped all the false knowledge that was being disseminated through the media, bestselling books and fad diets. He says, “What has always separated me from other fitness professionals is my decision to create a niche based on breaking through those popular misconceptions.”

True to his entrepreneurial leanings and desire to educate just as he is constantly educating himself, Martin has become an outspoken advocate for the value of science based fitness and nutrition over popular passing mainstream thought. He became a bestselling author with a powerful chapter exposing these myths in “The Wellness Code: Your Ultimate Guide to Health, Fitness and Nutrition,” which features other Celebrity Experts in the Fitness industry sharing their insights on healthy living. He has been seen nationwide on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox affiliates on the John Spencer Ellis show, discussing health and wellness.

Martin has also contributed chapters to various women-oriented fitness books that are part of “The Expert Series,” including “Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40,” “Fast Fat Burning for Busy Women,” “Get Fit For Your Pregnancy” and “The Best Breast Exercises.”

Martin has been a powerful blogger for Fitness Professional Online, writing on such topics as “3 Fitness Facts Misunderstood by Trainers and Clients,” “The Future of MMA” and “The Last 30 Seconds” (about training for Mixed Martial Arts competitions), and, drawing from his own journey in building his successful business, “Building Your Fitness Empire From the Ground Up.”


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