John Phanchalad Releases Second New Blog


Pheonix, AZ (January 6, 2014) - John Phanchalad, CEO of JP Digital Tech, has declared that soon he will  release a second blog to target a specific industry segment. The blog is designed to specifically offer services to one particular market segment.

John Phanchalad commented, “We’ve found over the last few months that customers can be overwhelmed by the selection of services have and the broad range of experience our team possesses. Hence,  we have decided to release an industry specific service specific blog on our most profitable market in the next few months.”

This launch of the second blog comes on the back end of the JP Digital Tech successful launch in September this year. Only 4 months into the launch of the business in the US it is already being credited as one of the top marketing automation companies for medium to large companies across the US.

Mr Phanchalad also added, “I attribute our success to our clients. They love the work we do and constantly are referring us new business. I couldn’t be happier with our first quarter here in the US and I’m looking forward to expanding over the next 12 months with this new blog and new service launches as well.”  

Mr Phanchalad was quite happy and excited with the launch of his second blog. Being a marketing expert, he is always glad to share his knowledge about the sector, and accordingly, has prepared the blog in such a manner that everyone can benefit from his work.

Phanchalad expressed his excitement by saying, “The decision to set up two blogs was to be able to split up the style of content that I was producing and the audience that I was writing for. Typically I have two types of people who ask me certain questions. People who want to buy services, potential customers and other people, similar to me. By developing my thoughts  into these two separate areas, it allows both areas to receive what they need.”

Both of the blogs are relatively new and have just the basic themes installed on them at the moment. It’s expected that this information will be made public in the next few days via a press release. For more information, please visit


John Phanchalad is a web promoting advisor with over 12 years of experience helping entrepreneurs attain gigantic victory both online and disconnected from the net.


John Phanchalad