Market Your Brand in a Rugby Sport Event with Canopy Tents

Events are a good place to do your marketing. To start with, there is an audience that is available. The audience can easily be converted to be your customers with good marketing skills. So what you need is to strategically position your tent in a place where everyone will see and to display what you do so that people know your brand.

One secret to successful marketing is to create an unforgettable positive image of your brand. Tents can help you create this image. When people see your products for the first time, they must be able to remember your brand name and what you do.

In most cases, companies that participate in sports events have some direct link with the sport or the audience. A rugby event is not exempt when it comes to large crowds. It provides an opportunity to leave a permanent mark to the audience with proper marketing strategy. For example, the custom tents from MVP Visuals are of three kinds, and they provide you with the opportunity to showcase your services and products to the audience.  The spark, the flash and finally the forever flash.

The Spark

It is pocket friendly, but very good for marketing. Full colour digital printing is used. Irrespective of whether you are using one or a thousand colours, the cost remains the same. Using digital printing ensures that the logo and other branding details appear so clear even from a distance.  They also last for a long time without fading.

For convenience in carrying, the spark canopy comes with a zippered bag. For durability, the canopy uses steel posts and a 200 denier waterproof material. The material also ensures that the display is clear and of high quality. The production time is seven days and you will enjoy volume pricing.

Some optional accessories include: deluxe roller bag, back walls, and rail skirts and weight bags. You do not have to worry if it rains during the rugby event as the tent is waterproof.

The Forever Flash

This tent offers deluxe features and a lifetime warranty. Even with these features, it is still offered at affordable prices. It is made from the 600 Denier, which is very lost lasting and waterproof. An added advantage of this tent is that it is flame and UV retardant.  That means that you can enjoy all your rugby events without the canopy getting spoilt. It comes in three sizes 5X5, 10 X10 or 10 X20 sizes.

The Flash Tent

The canopy tent as the name describes is flashy. It has no restrictions when it comes to the number of sides that you can print on or the number of colours that you can use. It is a true customized tent.

It is a very stable and durable tent, made using the 200 Denier and a 52 pound steel. On top of that, it comes with a two years warranty.

Another good thing about the canopy is that you can choose between three designs:  either the 10 X 10, or the 5 X 5, or the 10 X 20.

For storage purpose, the canopy comes with a zipper bag. Additional accessories include: deluxe roller, back walls, weight bags and rail skirts.

Depending on your needs, you have a variety of canopy tents to choose from. Display the excellence of your brand during a rugby event using these customized tents.