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January 27, 2014: urges entrepreneurs to buy Website Traffic from them for having guaranteed visitors delivered to their website. assures these entrepreneurs that they will place their URL in rotation in their large publisher network until the unique visitor campaign of the entrepreneurs is complete. They also assure that traffic will be delivered as full page pop-unders. proudly says that they will not count traffic for blocked ads and will never use spam, bulk email, or any other unethical means to deliver visitors to the websites of their entrepreneur-customers. points out that there are millions of entrepreneurs who spend countless hours building a website to reach greater prosperity. They also point out that even after the websites become operational, 90% of ecommerce websites are not able to make more than $1,000 per month.

This is because of the fierce competition that prevails and because there are millions of online stores fighting over the same potential customers, they add.  They point out to these online entrepreneurs the fact that people need to find their site among these millions of online stores. They also point out the bitter fact that at least 10 other sites may be selling something similar to what they are selling. They firmly say that among these 10 sites, many may buy website traffic. reminds their customers the old adage that if there is no traffic, there cannot be any sales. They put it bluntly by pointing out to them that if people are not browsing through their website, they may not be able to make any sales.

In order to boost exposure of their site and generate results, they need to buy website visitors, says They point out to their entrepreneur-customers that everything has become a numbers game and if more traffic visits their site, there will be more transactions on the site.

They urge these entrepreneurs to buy website traffic because it is the most cost effective and timely way to start boosting their sales.

About sells website traffic to entrepreneurs. They firmly point out to online entrepreneurs that there is a fierce competition in every field and that they can generate more sales only if the traffic visiting their site increases. 

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