Casting Funny - "Every hopeful came out like bullets fresh out of a gun...on fire!!!"

Kyson Martin - Casting Coordinator for Funny

Let me think........March 26, 2014 was--if I must say and I will...a Funny day. So many audition hopefuls came to the Radisson Martinique Hotel, where Funny The Movie auditions were held. When I arrived, the line was from the hotel doors and around the corner and that's before the security let them all in....well when folks were allowed in, that line was simply ridiculous. Right then and there, I realized what an honor it was for me to be there. It was mind boggling to see everyone's faces when they entered the audition room and I think I introduced myself there, more than I ever introduced myself ever, Period. I shook many hands and smiled so much, I was smiling so much, at times I didn't know I was doing it. So many talented people came out to show off their gift and I was blessed to be in the position to see them all. Now before the auditions began, I was in the room where it was held with everyone who was a part of the casting team, and I was like ("Oh My Goodness..this is so wild. Where do we begin?") Because I tell you being on the other end made me more nervous than auditioning. So I know the hopefuls were feeling the pressure. No matter how I felt in the very many mixed feelings, matter, it went very well and I was proud of myself and the rest of the Funny casting crew.

Every hopeful came out like bullets fresh out of a gun...on fire!!! And they all rocked. Some rocked more than others, but that's the business. Either way you look at it, they were there to rep and to get that part. To me the Funny The Movie auditions were the best I've been to and I'm not being biased. Everyone who came in to audition, whether if they were obviously nervous or not - By the time they left the room, they felt so confident. They smiled, they said "Yes" and they didn't even know if they got in or not...but I was glad to help make their experience enjoyable. From age 12 to 60 or above, they shined in their own unique way and they made it hard for us all. So much talent, it was crazy and the energy from the hopefuls genuinely made us all smile. I think all who auditioned felt like they could just get comfortable, like a friend that visits your home and takes off their shoes to relax. That only happens when you make them feel like they can do that, without you telling them they can or without them asking if they can. They know they're family and they are amongst good people. For example, one lovely talented lady came in to audition and she had so much high energy and she talked-talked and talked so much. We all looked at each other, like what in the world

Finally we needed to see her work and I'm telling you no matter how much she talked (she was going full speed too y' she was talented and she won us over. We were truly impressed by the work she displayed. She was actually cast. So what I'm saying is, the best come out of those you make feel at home. No one feels at home or feels good or even comfortable if they feel like you don't want them there. And we made everyone feel like we wanted them there--because we truly did want them there, and they showed up and showed off and that made us (the casting department) feel comfortable and at ease, because we all knew, it was going to be a long day (it but it was all worth it. We all felt so good about our jobs and we know we helped make many of folks dreams come true and that right there is a reward within itself. @SonnyKyson @funnythemovie

As Artists doors of opportunity may open for us,
But its our character that will keep those doors open.

Kyson Martin 2014