Handicap Accessible Plumbing from Perry Plumbing

Perry Plumbing, one of the most reputable plumbers in San Diego, offers specialized, legally compliant handicap-accessible plumbing. Commercial centers can ensure complete legal compliance with this first-rate service.

[San Diego, May 14,2014] – Perry Plumbing, a respected plumbing company based in San Diego, improves its service roster with the addition of handicap-accessible plumbing. Customers of the company can now ensure complete compliance with legal standards to provide ergonomic solutions for Americans with disabilities.

Legal compliance

Commercial establishments across the United States have to abide by different laws to keep their businesses running and trouble-free. One of these statutes is the Americans With Disabilities Act, enacted in 1990, which lays out different standards as to what a building should have to render it friendly for persons with physical handicaps.

Perry Plumbing helps businesses stay compliant with this important law. With their solutions to provide handicap-friendly fixtures in commercial areas, business owners can make sure they observe full compliance to all the provisos mandated by law. The company also helps business owners stay informed with what they have to do to comply with the ADA.

Innovative solutions

Perry Plumbing puts accessibility as the top priority when handling projects. This is the reason many individuals and institutions have trusted this company for over 30 years with residential and commercial plumbing services. 

To address occupancy codes and the ADA, Perry Plumbing provides innovative solutions for commercial areas. The company has forged connections with the finest suppliers of handicap-accessible features. Paired with their expertise in the installation of comfort height toilets, easy-turn faucets, handheld shower heads, walk-in handicap showers, and sturdy grab bars, commercial areas have nothing to worry about in terms of legal compliance.

Experienced plumbers

The plumbers of Perry Plumbing have years of experience on the job. With the many projects the company has handled, clients can be sure of the superb workmanship coming from Perry Plumbing. The plumbing firm adheres to the value of excellence in every project to provide their clientele peace of mind.

About Perry Plumbing

Perry Plumbing is a San Diego-based plumbing company that has been operating for over three decades. With vast knowledge in different plumbing services, fixture installation, and drain cleaning, the company lives up to its title of being the plumber other plumbers recommend.

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