Construction Industry Development Board Introduces CIDB Green Card Program


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (April 17, 2014) – Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has come up with a program, known as CIDB Green Card. This CIDB green card training is considered to be a preliminary requirement to get into the construction site, in compliance with the Section 22 of Act 520 (1994). Participants would be provided CIDB green card, after the completion of the training program. This is regarded as the most successful safety training program of Malaysia.

It is compulsory to register for everyone, involved in the construction site, with the CIDB green card registration form. The accredited CIBD green card training provider has introduced a one-day Safety Induction Course for Construction Workers, commonly known as SICW, which is also important to attend, for everyone related to this field. It consists of the CIDB green card registration procedure and accreditation of the construction people. This program is aimed to increase the safety levels at the construction sites. This CIDB green card renewal online program would also include the insurance coverage of the holder.

After the completion of the training span, the participants would gain, CIDB green card that also serves as a proof of registration with CIDB, under the category of Construction Personnel, apart from its various other functionalities. This card would be valid for two years for the Malaysian citizens and one year for the foreigners.

The CIDB program has already started gaining good response from the participants of the construction communities, because of its simple training approach. Besides that, the program has been designed with nominal fee structure. The insurance coverage factor and the affordability of the program have inspired the participants to a great extent. The insurance coverage, associated with the program is valid for 24 hours, throughout the world.

The CIDB green card program has earned a great repute among the construction workers and others.  Joe Louie has recently got to known about this program. He shares, “I am glad to know about such a program. Earlier, I heard of similar other programs as well, but those who have taken part in it, has confirmed me, that this one is better than any other program of the similar category. I found it to be an easily approachable program, which is definitely going to be extremely helpful for people like us. I am excited about the insurance coverage part of the program and planning to give it a try in the coming days.”

About CIDB green card:
CIBD green card program is regulated by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). This program considered to be a highly successful safety training program in Malaysia.
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