High quality Polypropylene is the main material of the PP woven bag

China – PP woven bag is one kind of packaging supplies for industrial, agricultural and many areas. The widely application of this sort woven bag account for the special materials which used for making this woven bag. This special material called Polypropylene. Today, technician from famous China pp woven bag supplier which name is Royal Lakos Group will introduce with people about the information about this kind of woven bag and its material.

Polypropylene which is also known as PP is one kind of thermoplastic resin material that produced by the polymerization of propylene. This kind of material included three configurations which are regulation type, random type and syndiotactic type. The industrial products such as woven bag mainly apply the regulated materials as the main ingredient.

Polypropylene also includes a small amount of propylene and copolymers of ethylene. Tis kind of materials which used for producing the woven polypropylene bag is usually translucent colorless solid which is odorless and non-toxic. As the regular structure and highly crystallized of the ingredient, the melting point of this material could be up to 167 degree. People could see that the heat resistance of the woven polypropylene bag is very amazing.

The Density of this material is 0.90g/cm3, which should be the lightest Plastics materials. Its features such as corrosion resistance, tensile strength, strength, rigidity and transparency are all better than polyethylene. The disadvantage of this material should be poor low temperature impact resistance and fast aging speed. However, these shortcomings could be overcome by modifying and adding antioxidants into it.

The color of PP Woven bags is generally white or gray. As the features of the raw materials Polypropylene, this sort of Woven bag also has characteristics such as non-toxic and tasteless, which has bodily injury to people’s body. Although the manufacturing of this plastic bag using a variety of chemical materials, it has strong environmental protection and the performance of recycling of this product is very greatly.

As the high performance of the PP Woven Bags, the application of them is very versatile and is mainly used for packaging of all kinds of goods and it has been widely used in industrial, chemical and agricultural areas. PP Woven Bags are mainly produced by polypropylene resin. The workmanships of this product include extrusion, stretching into a flat and weaving. The application of high quality materials and the special manufacturing workmanship let this kind of plastic bag own remarkable performance and quality.

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