Costello, King & Associates adds Lexis Nexis' Professional Skip Tracing Software

1888PressRelease - Costello, King & Associates, the Nation's premier debt recovery Company has announced this week that they have added Lexis Nexis' professional skip tracing software to their list of already top of the line asset recovery tools. 

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA - Costello, King & Associates has made a reputation for itself as being a no hassle, stress free debt recovery agency and producing results un-paralleled to any of their competitors.

From early on, CKA has emphasized that quality service, attention to detail and customer service were all qualities CKA inspired to possess. 

Years later, we have made our goals come true. When asked, a senior representative from CKA simply stated, "we don't try to go out of our way for our clients, we do go out of our way for our clients. I believe that's where many companies fail, they 'try' instead of 'do.' "

With the addition of Lexis Nexis' software, CKA gains an even more impressive stronghold over their competition. This edge helps CKA to align itself with the needs of their clients.

With the state of the economy what it is today, businesses need to seek new ways to cut costs, generate more revenue and improve their bottom line. Trusting unpaid accounts to a reputable Collection Agency is a crucial first step for any businesses who is on the road to financial recovery, or to just simply improve their financial threshold. 

Ensuring that a Collection Agency is backed by the largest, most powerful and readily available skip tracing software should be a vital component in the decision making to utilize a 3rd party debt recovery agency. With their recent additions, CKA has once again solidified their position as the top outfit in the Collection Agency Industry. 

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