Vermont Card Company 
launches “Tag-i-bles”

Underhill, VT (January 15, 2014) — In response to demand from its growing base of wholesale customers, the Vermont Card Company has expanded its product line of eco-luxe paper goods.

"We are very excited to introduce Tag-i-bles," said Vermont Card Company Co-owner Nicki Feldman, who launched the company with co-owner Eileen Foster in 2011.  "We believe that paper goods are one of Life’s little pleasures. Tag-i-bles truly embody that sentiment.”

Offered in quantities of 10 per box, Tag-i-bles are an adhesive note card printed on an artisan quality 100lb recycled paper. Each 3” x 3” tent-folded Tag-i-ble features an adhesive with peel-off backing for affixing to gifts, lunch boxes, memos, table settings, and more.

With the tagline “peel · press · present," Feldman explained that Tag-i-bles can be used as a "Thank you" note adhered to a plate returned to a thoughtful neighbor, as pretty reminders on a personal calendar, or as a coffee invite placed on a friend’s windshield.  “For fans of paper goods, there are just so many uses for Tag-i-bles that you’ll want to always have some on hand,” said Feldman.

Describing Tag-i-bles as "diminutive, stylish and full of impact," Eileen Foster said Tag-i-bles are just the right thing for adding a personal touch—with distinction.

"We like to say that Social Media has its 'Tweets,' and Social Expression has 'Tag-i-bles,'" said Foster. "Tag-i-bles are fun to use. They up-grade those small communications we all do in daily life—notes to spouses, lunch box reminders to the kids, attachments to memos—in a way that is beautiful, easy and personal."

The Vermont Card Company offers 78 styles of Tag-i-bles across its four distinct collections: Color Block Collection, Carol Sullivan Collection, Boutique Chic Collection and the newly launched Stephen Huneck Collection.  From bold and colorful to simplified and refined, there is a Tag-i-ble to suit every taste and occasion.

“Tag-i-bles are retail-ready," said Foster. "This is the kind of product that converts a store visitor into a customer, and a customer into a repeat buyer.”  With that in mind, Foster said the company has developed a display offering that enhances Merchant's stores, attracts customers, and quickly informs prospective buyers of the product attributes.  "Early feedback indicates that our Merchants are going to do very well with Tag-i-bles," said Foster. She added that a new, larger display for Tag-i-bles is already in the works.

Tag-i-bles, like the company's Greeting Card offerings, are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled paper produced in a Green-E certified facility.

Retailers interested in stocking Vermont Card Company products (and Sale Representatives interested in selling them) are invited to contact the company through their website:

About Vermont Card Company

The Vermont Card Company began in a red barn at the foot of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak. Launched in 2011, the company creates sustainable, luxurious printed goods which it sells to wholesale customers throughout the U.S.

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