KIWISAFETY Leading Supplier of Packaging Material and Personal Protective Euipment

Shanghai sentao trading co, ltd. Established in 2006 in Shanghai, After 10 years of rapid development, strictly control the quality of all products , continue to expand sales regions Sentao Trading has become a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of personal protection products( PPE) in Shanghai. It’s customer cover many fortune 500 company;

For the purpose of expanding Sentao products to NZ market, We registered KIWISAFETY , now based in Auckland. The company will be able to provide Sentao products to local nz market but also able to distribute competitive nz products to China,We appreciate your business and cooperation with Shanghai Sentao and Stanford Trading.

Our product include pallet wrap nz,sellotape nz,bubble wrap nz,gumboots nz,gumboots auckland and safety shoes nz pallet wrap stretch film bubble wrap auckland cable ties nz