Luxor Cabs Has Interesting History

San Francisco is home to a thriving international airport, a well-established arts community, and incredible views to tempt even the weariest of travelers. The city has a glorious history, and an important piece of that distinguished past involves one of its most celebrated transportation providers, Luxor Cabs.

Family owned and operated from its founding in 1928, Luxor Cabs is proud to have been one of the first companies to bring taxi service to San Francisco at . With a tiny fleet of just 10 cars, Luxor remembers when cabs were booked with call boxes on street corners, when the Golden Gate Bridge was just a dream sketch on a drafting table. Their illustrious history includes surviving The Great Depression when drivers were scarce, helping Dust Bowl refugees when they flooded into the Bay Area, and navigating world wars when gas was rationed. Luxor Cabs holds the title for two tremendous “firsts”—the first taxi company to cross the Bay Bridge and the first to use two-way radio dispatch.

Now the second largest cab company in the Golden Gate City, Luxor Cabs offers a variety of services, including San Francisco airport transportation at , immediate and advanced reservations, city wide tours, local and long distance travel options, and package delivery services. Luxor Cabs delivers the exceptional service and competitive rate a passenger expects in an airport taxi in San Francisco at , but with a historical perspective that is as remarkably unique as the city itself.

About Us:

Luxor Cab Company, founded in 1928, is the preeminent source for San Francisco taxi service, including airport transportation, city wide tours, and package delivery. With a fleet of 200 vehicles, Luxor Cabs offers clients impeccable service at competitive rates for all their transportation needs.

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