EXAIR Industrial Housekeeping Products Quietly Clean, Collect, Remove and Recycle

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While it is easy to find a shop vacuum cleaner, it is not easy to find one that will last long, run quietly, and not suffer from motor breakdowns or impeller clogs. EXAIR offers a full line of compressed air powered industrial vacuums that are engineered to avoid all of those problems.

The Reversible Drum Vac™ is designed to quickly attach to any closed head 30, 55, or 110 gallon drum and convert them to a high powered two-way drum pump. The Reversible Drum Vac can fill or empty a 55 gallon drum in just 90 seconds! For small jobs, a 5 gallon Mini Reversible Drum Vac System is also available. For tougher jobs, the even more powerful High Lift Reversible Drum Vac™ can move thick liquids (up to 1400 cP) through 20 feet of vacuum hose and lift liquids up to 15 feet!

The Chip Trapper™ employs the technology of the Reversible Drum Vac to quickly empty machine coolant sumps, parts washers, and contaminated liquid storage containers. As the liquid is being reclaimed, a filter system cleans it of all chips and other solids. A simple flip of a lever pumps the clean liquid back out for reuse. The High Lift Chip Trapper™ is powerful enough to recycle fluids from deep sumps, wells, pits, or cisterns that are up to 15 feet deep!

The Chip Vac™ is engineered specifically to pick up wet or dry chips created from machining operations. The Chip Vac's durable design combined with its uninterrupted vacuum flow (no impellers) make it ideal for this task. The Chip Vac can be easily placed onto another drum to keep recyclable materials separated. The 5 gallon Mini Chip Vac System is perfect for small clean-up jobs.

The Heavy Duty Dry Vac™ has been designed to withstand tough industrial environments. Its hardened alloy construction is rugged enough to pick up even garnet or steel shot while its 0.1 micron filter bag traps dust to keep the surrounding air clean.

The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac™ is built tough, like the Heavy Duty Dry Vac, but also includes the capability to filter contaminants to HEPA requirements in dusty environments requiring frequent cleaning. All of EXAIR's filters are 100% tested in strict accordance to IEST-RP-CC-007 for minimum 99.97% filtration at the 0.3 micron level to meet HEPA standards.

Order any of these industrial housekeeping products by May 31, 2016 and we'll include a complimentary Model 6492 Vac-u-Gun™ ($101 value)! The air saving Vac-u-Gun can be easily transformed from a powerful vacuum gun into an efficient blow gun or transfer tool for lightweight materials.