Trackemon Official Release – The Real-Time, Live Location Map for Pokemon GO

The life of a Pokémon Go master currently consists of time off work, long enduring walks and detours on pub crawls to catch those rare Pokémon. Endless hours have been dedicated by Pokémon Go users to become the very best that there ever was, and unfortunately the nature of the time devoting game has become a little tedious. Luckily, a new website has been developed that allows for users to search and view all Pokémon on a real-time map, the website is named

Trackemon is a Pokémon locator for the mobile game ‘Pokémon GO’ by Niantic. It uses the Niantic API to grab the location of all Pokémon nearby the user or in a selected location. The Pokémon locations are displayed on a map in real-time. Using the map requires no subscription or on-site account. Coordinates, postcodes or addresses can be searched in the area bar allowing for users to not only search for Pokémon around them but Pokémon in selective areas. Zones can then be clicked which initiates a scan, revealing Pokémon within a large radius. Trackemon not only shows a single users scan but also the scans of other users.

Through a collective effect, greater number of users using the site allows for more Pokémon to be identified by each individual scan. All Pokémon that are displayed on the map can be caught with those lucky Pokeballs as long as the user is in a reasonable distance. If the distance is to distant, users should travel to the location before the wanted Pokémon despawns. Despawn times and coordinates of Pokémon can also be seen below the Pokémon character on the map. As confirmed, Pokémon spawns are area relevant, therefore, Trackemon can also be used for learning the location and duration of Pokémon spawns.

Unlike Pokevision, Trackemon also has other features and is being developed at a rapid pace. A great feature included in the new website is the ‘Rare Pokémon Identifier’. This feature allows users to search for and reveal the locations of rare Pokémon.

The developers of Trackemon stated:

“Since the launch of Trackemon we have seen an overwhelming use of the site, because of this great adoption we are relentlessly working on unique game changing features to soon be released.”

Due to the usefulness of the Trackemon site, users are ditching the flawed Pokémon Go ‘3 foot distance tab’ and older real-time map alternatives and, instead, heading over to Trackemon before setting out on Pokémon hunts.

Richard King
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