The first model of Airwheel personal transport electric folding bike E6

It seems to the customers that Airwheel enters the era of electric folding bike, for Airwheel has released two models of electric folding bike, i.e. E3 and E6 respectively. Airwheel E6 is prior to Airwheel E3. It can be said that Airwheel E6 lays a solid foundation for the advent of Airwheel E3. Although Airwheel E3 beats Airwheel E6 in many areas, Airwheel E6 is still revolutionary and has a far-reaching influence on the future models of Airwheel.

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Airwheel e bike E6 takes pride in its battery group. Airwheel adopts the Panasonic-made battery group. The battery group is installed in Airwheel E6 in the form of block building one. Airwheel offers two battery group. If one is in operation, the other could be charged. Once one is out of power, the other can replace it and be used in Airwheel E6 to ensure the rider can go on with his ride. In fact, the battery group is versatile for the reason that it can be used as a moving source of power. If the mobile phone of the rider runs out the power, he could choose Airwheel E6 battery group as the source of power anytime. In view of the fact that many young people cannot go without their mobile phone in life, this design is understandable and clever.

In addition to the versatile design, the battery of Airwheel E6 is also famous for its parameter. It can be charged over 800 times. A battery accounts for the majority of the weight of the electric self-balancing scooter, however the battery of Airwheel E6 weighs purely 14.15 kg. The battery of 247.9 Wh offers a long range. It only takes about 3 hour to charge the battery fully, which saves the rider much time. The battery group is one of the main draws of Airwheel E6.

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