New Technology Helps Deal With Climate Change Crisis, In New Chapter Released From Book Imagine A New Future

Orlando, FL — The new report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says climate change is here now, already impacts the entire planet, and threatens economic growth. Released March 31, 2014, the UN report says climate change is causing droughts and floods, and affecting critical resources like food and water. Climate change is also seen as a damaging “multiplier” that worsens other problems like poverty and security.

Author Dan Abelow’s concerns about the future of the planet are spelled out in his new book, Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All ( He describes the relationship between today’s digital transformation and new technology to survive our own destructive impacts. “We’re the people who create this crisis. We push the Earth to its breaking point,” he says. “But we also have also an opportunity to build a more powerful world. Our forced transformation is to become our best, to fulfill all our potentials: As individuals, groups, societies and as a planet.”

Now, Abelow is releasing a second chapter of his new book that describes new Expandiverse Technology for increasing everyone’s ability to succeed even as climate change intensifies. As we build a digital planet Expandiverse Technology moves everyone up the pyramid by making everyone knowing and powerful, with the world’s best abilities.

“We should stop thinking about our limits, and start thinking about what we can do” says Abelow. “What happens to a problem when 2 million or 20 million people work on it? What happens when solutions are automatically delivered as optional Active Knowledge to 1 or 2 billion people? What happens when the best results are continuously measured, and the best solutions are continuously surfaced and distributed in an advancing global wave?

The book consists of thirty-six chapters with new ideas in each chapter about the potential for advancement through digital means. Through December 2014 the book is being released one free chapter at a time to subscribers via the author’s website at . New subscribers can sign up and download all previously released chapters at any time. Subscribers also receive email notices when the entire book is given away for free.

Dan Abelow hopes that the book and Expandiverse Technology will generate discussions about how to deal with the kinds of crises forecast by the UN’s new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

“With Expandiverse Technology, everyone connected can help create and continuously receive the world’s best knowledge, so they can perform at higher levels regardless of their education,” Abelow says. “A journey to our full potentials will be enabled by technology that helps everyone, gives us new ways to interact, to solve problems and get ahead. Alongside a world that’s going into crisis, we could build a Digital Earth that advances everyone, helping them continuously solve problems and move up.”

About Dan Abelow:

Dan Abelow is an American inventor, author, speaker and technology consultant. His latest patent-pending invention, the Expandiverse, is new technology to build an advanced Digital Earth now. His previous patents have been licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung Electronics. He holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. Read his free book chapters with information on making new kinds of decisions as we build our fast-arriving digital planet

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