Wind River Visions: Ancient Images of the Wind River Basin

Fremont County Museums

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Wind River Visions: Ancient Images of the Wind River Basin


The three Fremont County Museums have again collaborated to create their first traveling exhibit.   “Wind River Visions” is the name of the traveling exhibit program that has been created and will highlight different aspects of Fremont County’s important and unique history. 

The first exhibit, “Wind River Visions: Ancient Images of the Wind River Basin” will be on exhibit at the Pioneer Museum in Lander, the Dubois Museum and the Riverton Museum over the next several months to give local residents the first opportunity to view the exhibit.  After its initial opening at each museum it will be made available to other State and regional museums.

People have lived in the Wind River Basin for thousands of years. Some of the most evocative evidence of prehistoric people are petroglyphs and pictographs on many rock faces across Fremont County.

A new exhibit put together by Fremont County’s three museums explores some of the distinct styles, imagery and techniques found across the area.

The exhibit showcases over 30 full color panels showing the unique Dinwoody Tradition found around Dubois, the Castle Garden Shield Style found East of Riverton, as well as pictographs (which are painted images).

“Each part of the Wind River Basin has unique and fascinating prehistoric imagery,” said Lander Museum Curator Randy Wise. “This exhibit will give people a nice introduction to an important part of Fremont County’s history.

The exhibit is on display at the Lander Museum through mid September, it will then be displayed at the Dubois museum followed by the Riverton museum.

The exhibit is designed to travel, and is expected to be displayed at other museums and cultural facilities around the state and region.

“This is another step in the growth of our museum system,” said Scott Goetz, Central Director for the Fremont County Museum System.  “By sharing our unique history with other institutions, we can increase the number of people who know about, and want to visit, the truly valuable collections found at the Fremont County Museums.”

According to Goetz this is the first of several traveling exhibits that will be developed by the three museums.


Contact Goetz at 307-332-1075 for more information about hosting the exhibit. For more information about Fremont County Museums visit the web at www.