Exciting Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Postcards with a Twist

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched for these postcards with a twist, that hopes to raise $4,500 to bring a smile to people's faces.

Jill Kroll set up Mystery Postcards, which was an idea she came up with after looking over her old photographs. She could hardly remember the places these photos had been taken at. Realizing some clues would have helped, the idea for Mystery Postcards was born. Mystery Postcards' aim is to print photos as postcards and send them to people worldwide with clues on the back, so they can guess where the picture is.

The postmark will not show people the location, so they have to guess based on the image and clues provided. All the postcards are professionally printed on high-quality paper. Sixteen different postcards are to be sent out – one postcard per week from May through August. Those, who join the Mystery Postcards campaign, will get the answer posted a few weeks after the postcard is mailed.

To fund her plan to laugh and bring enjoyment to thousands of people, Jill started a Kickstarter campaign with rewards. People can choose the number of postcards they would like to receive to support the campaign, as follows:

-Those, who put a pledge of $2 or more, will get an early bird postcard.

-Those, who invest $4 or more for the project, will get one postcard.

-Those who give $8 or more will get two postcards, etc.

-The complete set for early birds that include sixteen postcards will be mailed to people who put a pledge of $50 or more.

- The complete set of all sixteen postcards costs a pledge of $64 or more.

The Mystery Postcards Kickstarter Campaign will be closed on April 9. The campaign has already gained media attention and has been called one of the most exciting crowdfunding campaigns of 2015.

To learn more about the Mystery Postcards project and support the campaign, please visit:

About Mystery Postcards
Mystery Postcards is an idea Jill Kroll recently came up with while she was looking over some old photos. She was trying to remember where each one was taken when she realized the process might have actually been fun if some clues had been thrown in.

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