Expanding Apparels Industry to Fuel the Dyestuff (Black Color) Market’s Growth

Dyestuff (Black Color) Market in the Textile Industry
Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. During 1450 and 1800, the production of textile was second only to agriculture in terms of economic importance. Over the centuries, textile industry has become one of the most important and large-scale industries. At the end of 18th century, the era of cotton had begun. However, due to technological developments many synthetic fibers have been invented such as nylon, polyester, olefin, and PLA. Textile dyestuffs are used to color synthetic fibers such as nylon. Textile dyestuffs include dyes such as basic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, sulphur dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, and vat dyes.

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Dyestuff (Black Color) Industry and Future Growth
Basic dyes, disperse dyes, and acid dyes are mainly used to produce black nylon textile fibers. They are used to dye numerous types of nylon textile fibers including monofilament fibers, multifilament fibers, and staple fibers.

In the past eight years, the production of textiles has grown tremendously with Asia Pacific being the highest contributor of textiles in the world. The dyestuff (black color) market is anticipated to grow due to rising demand for technical textiles and growth in the apparels market. Even though, the dyestuff (black color) market will demonstrate a good growth rate, it will be hampered by market restraints such as volatile crude oil prices, strict environmental regulations, and bio-based alternatives products.

Product Segment and End-user Evaluation
The dyestuff (black color) market is segregated according to products into monofilament fibers, staple fiber, and others such multifilament fiber and tows. The staple fibers sector in 2013 held the largest share in the global dyestuff (black color) market. It accounted for over 48% of the total revenue generated in the same year, and in the coming years it will display at CAGR of 8%. The staple fibers segment is also expected to be the fastest growing segment in this industry.

Home textiles and apparels market are two major end-users of the dyestuff (black color) market. Apparels segment contributed to this market’s growth by being the largest end-user segment of the global dyestuff (black color) market for nylon textile fibers in 2013. This sector generated over 45% of the revenue in 2013, and will demonstrate a growth of 7.9% CAGR during 2014 to 2020 duration. Other segments such as automotive, protective clothing and agriculture are also end-users of dyestuff (black color) industry, and will stand out as the fastest growing end-user segment.

Competitive Landscape of the Dyestuff (Black Color) Market
The global dyestuff (black color) market was estimated at US$120.8 million in the year 2013. According to a market intelligence firm, this market will reach US$204.3 million value by 2020 by expanding at 7.8% CAGR during the forecast period of 2014 to 2020.

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By geography, the global dyestuff (black color) market is divided into Europe, Asia Pacific (Greater China, India, Korea, Japan, and South East Asia), North America, and RoW (South America, Africa and the Middle East). Asia Pacific is the largest regional market for dyestuff (black color). Increasing demand from industries such as geotextiles will drive the demand for dyestuff (black color) in this geographic segment. Increasing demand from Middle East and Latin America will drive the demand for dyestuff (black color) in production of nylon textile fibers in the Rest of the World segment. In addition, RoW is estimated to be the fastest growing region for dyestuff (black color) market of nylon textile fibers in the next few years.

Some of the top key corporation names in the dyestuff (black color) market include Clariant AG, Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd., BASF SE, Huntsman Corporation, DuPont, Arkema SA, Lanxess AG, Kemira, Kiri Industries Limited, and Rockwood Pigments, Inc.

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