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Every day websites and online shops list new products and changing their inventory. This also means, a lot of new products are put on sale and some great bargains are to be found. How can you keep track of all these sales and goodies? Don't you want to make sure that you don't miss out on some of the best deals, so you can save some hard earned money?

Deal Slammer brings you an overview of all the best deals that are out there in Australia. New deals are listed on a daily basis as our team scouts the web. We also have many automated links with online shops. When they have something on sale, we will list it! This means that  Deal Slammer is more than a regular daily deal site or daily deal aggregator. There are plenty of daily deals sites out there already. Also, there are many initiatives that list all of the best offers from these sites. However, what they don't do, is also list products that have a massive discount on them because some online shop has decided it is time for another sale. This is where Deal Slammer makes a difference. We not only list the daily deals from Australia, we also list products that have great discounts. On average all the items you find on Deal Slammer have more than 60% discounts. Now, that is some huge saving. Start grabbing those

New shops are listed every week. Take a look at the shops that are already listed in the online shops page. If you have any suggestions, or want a shop to be listed, do not hesitate to contact us at info[at] We are always happy to help and will see what we can do. :)