With Spring In the Air Now Is the Time for Viking or DCS Grill Repair, Suggests American Repair Service

April 8, 2014, Long Island, NY- American Repair Service, a Long Island appliance repair company, is highlighting grill and barbecue repair for appliances that have remained dormant for much of the winter.

"Everyone loves a good barbecue. It is a real shame when after a few months of not enjoying outdoor fun and food our customers discover that they need some sort of Viking grill repair that will put their meal on hold. We would like to help people avoid that surprise," said Ken Fredericks, CEO of American Repair Service.

After being dormant either in the yard or in some other area for storage barbecues can begin to develop a variety of issues. Things like rust can make individual parts of the appliance less affective and gas leaks can become issues as well. In these cases there is often no do it yourself solution and the services of Viking and Lynx grill repair professionals must be called in.

Considering the particularly grueling winter weather it is easy to see how an appliance was neglected for such a large chunk of the year. With more than 30% of Americans owning a barbecue or grill the next few months are sure to be a particularly busy season for those who service barbecues and grills. It is that rush of business that has American Repair Service encouraging customers to call for their repairs and maintenance earlier in the season.

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