The Little Magic Box Installer Benefits

The Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd has launch an innovative small domestic retro-fit thermodynamic hot water system bringing cost benefits to customers and ease of installation for fitters.

The laws of Thermodynamics date from the 19th Century but technology has only recently progressed enough to allow the production of cost efficient systems.  These have only been introduced in any volume into the UK market in the last year and the Little Magic Box was the first of its type being small in size and fitting to the existing water cylinder.  The great advantage of Thermodynamics is that it collects and transfers energy when there is no sunlight. In fact they work 24 hours a day taking energy from the ambient environment including wind and rain.  This is a major advantage considering the weather in the UK!

The Little Magic Box system comprises an external Thermodynamic panel which acts as an evaporator absorbing energy and turning the refrigerant R134a from a liquid to a gas state.  The unit uses heat pump technology to convert the gas energy to heat by using a small compressor.  The hot gas imparts its energy to the water either through a plate heat exchanger.  The water temperature can be raised by thermodynamics to 55oC .

The gas used is R134a, an ozone friendly refrigerant gas.  It is in a sealed system so doesn’t need annual maintenance and the system is highly reliable with minimal moving parts.  It can be turned off with a flick of a switch.

The Little Magic Box is fitted close to the existing water cylinder, normally in the airing cupboard.  Water is drawn from the cylinder by a WRAS approved composite pump using a tapping or Teeing off the hot water flow pipe.  After being heated the water is returned to the bottom of the cylinder by Teeing into the cold feed.  This ensures that the whole cylinder is heated to an even temperature.

All the internal components have been sourced in Europe and are of the highest quality having been chosen for their individual performances.  The design of the Box has taken into account the requirements of the installer.  There is a sight glass, unique to this type of product, that the fgas engineer can use to diagnose the refrigerant circuit without having to resort to gauges.   The Box is earthed in two places, there are two bleed vents, all cabling is shielded and the power cable can be easily replaced.  The robust performance of the Box ensures that it can be fitted to pressurised and vented systems making for a simple and uncomplicated installation taking under a day to complete.

The Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd provide a full backup service with installers training days and 7 day a week telephone support.

The customer benefits from having hot water on tap all day every day and this is provided at very low running costs.  The Little Magic Box is extremely quiet when operating and visually unobtrusive.