Peters Ice Cream Improves Sustainability Program

Peters Ice Cream, one of Australia’s most iconic commercial ice cream brands, gives back to the community with its improved sustainability program that aims to help not only consumers, but the environment and the company as well.

[MELBOURNE, January 14, 2014] – Peters Ice Cream, a true Australian icon in ice cream and frozen treats, gives back to the community with its improved sustainability program. Corporate responsibility is an important tenet in the company’s business, which is why it aims to help not only consumers, but the environment and company as well.

Sustainable Packaging

Peters specialises in the manufacture, sales, and distribution of ice cream and other frozen confections. The company understands that packaging is essential for both the business and consumers. It ensures the safety and quality of all products from manufacturing to delivery to storage. Peters has always been wholly committed to good environmental practices by taking green actions in their production process, which is evident in their being a signatory to Australian sustainable packaging guidelines.

The company’s all-new packaging is designed to help minimise the environmental impact of any waste—from the cartons, paper labels and cups to the bags and wrappers, corrugated cardboard, and wooden sticks used in their products. This is all possible through the use of a Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool (PIQET).

Peters is focused on reducing the environmental impact of their packaging without compromising on fundamentals of safety, quality, and consumer acceptance. They use materials that help to ensure their products are delivered to the consumers in the same way they left the factory.

Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

Peters Ice Cream is deeply concerned about the serious environmental threat to rainforests and peat fields in South East Asia caused by deforestation, and its consequent effects on wildlife. One of the biggest food production concerns today is the use of palm oil, as this affects the natural habitats of many creatures, including the endangered orang-utan.

The company does not use palm oil in the production of any of their ice cream mixes; however, some of the inclusions (i.e. nuts, syrups or biscuits) sourced from external suppliers do include small amounts of palm oil.

Peters Ice Creamhas committed to a deadline of no later than 2015 for all inclusions that contain palm oil to be 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil(CSPO)as defined by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) or, where possible, removing palm oil altogether.

About Peters Ice Cream

Peters Ice Cream is Australia’s favourite home-grown brand, offering a range of ice cream products and ice confections.The company has been manufacturing, distributing, and selling ice cream products in Australia since 1907. As its corporate responsibility, the company is also an advocate of helping local communities through partnering with charitable organisations and ensuring that they keep to health and environmental standards set by the relevant organisations.

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