2 Things You Must Know About Drilling Machine

The drilling machine or drill press is one of the most common and useful machine used in industries for producing, forming and finishing holes in a work piece. The unit need to consist of:

1. A spindle which turns the drill which can be progressed in the workpiece either automatically or by hand.

2. A work table holds the workpiece rigidly in position.

Working principle:

Though holes can be made by some other machine tools or machines but drilling can be done very easily and at low cost in a shorter duration. A mark is made at the specific location with a center punch. The rotating edge of the drill exerts a large force on the workpiece and the hole is created. The removal of metal in a drilling operation is by shearing and extrusion.


It is the process of cutting a narrow groove on the exterior of the work piece. Its usually done at the end of a thread or near the shoulder to leave a small margin. The groove might be in many shapes square, radial or beveled.


It is done at the end of a hole near the shoulder of stepped cylindrical surfaces and at the end of threaded portion in bolts. Its a process of increasing the diameter if done internally and reducing the diameter when done externally over a short length. Boring and parting tools are used for this operation.

Types of Drilling Machines:

1) Based on construction:







2) Based on Feed:

Hand driven

Power driven

Components :


The spindle holds the drill and revolves in a fixed position in a sleeve.


Feed pressure is given to the sleeve by hand or power and cause the revolving drill to cut its way into the work a fraction of an mm per revolution.


The column supports the assembly of the head and the sleeve.


The head of the drilling machine consists of a spindle,sleeve, an electric motor and a feed mechanism. The head is secured to the column.


It is supported on an arm mounted to the column. This can be adjusted in vertical mode to accommodate different heights of work.


The base of the drilling machine supports the complete machine and when secured to the floor, provides for vibration-free operation and best machining accuracy.

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