Princeton Opera Alliance Announces Youth Orchestra Auditions

Youth Orchestra of the Princeton Opera Alliance (YPO) has announced the auditioning dates for their December auditions. The auditions will take place on December 3rd, 5th and 6th at All Saints Church in Princeton. The auditions are open to instrumentalist students in grade 8-12 and collegiate students.

For students to qualify for the auditions, they are required to fill and submit the audition form that is available on YPO website. Students and parents can also find all the audition requirements on the same website. In addition, those who cannot make it to the audition venue on the specified dates can also prepare a virtual audition by following the instructions provided on the YPO website.

Students who are passionate about orchestra and classical music now have a great local opportunity to take their career to another level. Auditions are open to all orchestral instrumentalists. YPO provides students with the opportunity to interact with musical professionals & educators, professional instrumentalists and orchestra enthusiasts and gain exposure to a wider variety of music style. Students who want to nurture their talents in playing orchestral instruments now have the opportunity to do so.

“YPO is a unique orchestral opportunity for students in grades 8-12. Students get to experience performing challenging operatic music alongside professional singers, all under the expert tutelage of professional musicians.” – Jared Judge, Director of YPO.

Princeton Opera Alliance (POA) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit that is dedicated to foster collaborations in the entire region of Princeton through the art of Opera. Youth Orchestra of the Princeton Opera Alliance (YPO) is an advanced orchestral ensemble open to instrumentalists in grades 8-12 and collegiate musicians. YPO was established in 2013 primarily to provide opportunities for young musicians to perform opera and other musical styles that were not easily accessible to students in high school. The program offers training in symphonic and operatic orchestral performance. YPO members participate in weekly rehearsals in order to establish a strong foundation in ensemble skills and also to learn about performance practices that are unique to each work being performed. YPO performs concerts of symphonic literature and collaborates with vocal artists from Princeton Opera Alliance for two opera productions each season.

For enquiries, use the following contact details:


Contact Name: Jared Judge

Phone Number: 609-436-9993