Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Testing by Praxis

Vernon Hills, Illinois – Praxis offers excellent physical therapy and human performance evaluation for those who may be suffering from a physical injury or debilitating disease. For amateur and professional athletes who want to better their skills and potential, they also provide speed training and sports performance testing in Vernon Hills. This center has been in the industry for years, providing every person with professional and expert therapy and programs that help them have a better quality of life or achieve their goals in the sports they are in.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are a great tool to help individuals regain their prior level of functioning or improve their current state for a better quality of life after an injury or illness. Some of the benefits of physical therapy include reduction or elimination of pain, improved mobility, enhanced balance, recovery from stroke, avoidance of surgery, recovery from sports injury, management of diabetes and heart-related conditions, and several others. If you are currently facing some of these situations, you can probably benefit from a well- planned and executed physical therapy and rehabilitation program.

 Praxis does things differently, whether it is physical therapy or speed training in Vernon Hills. They are focused on nothing but helping you progress and achieve your goals. Whatever you are trying to get back to, they will be there every step of the way, providing hands-on, one-on-one therapy by degreed or licensed team who will work with you throughout the extent of your treatment. One of the critical aspects of every therapy program is the working relationship between the patient and the therapist, and Praxis knows this. They build trust and rapport from the start to ensure that you are comfortable and at peace with the professional you are working with. Also, one primary therapist will handle you from start to finish, ensuring continuity and consistency of the program. Nonetheless, because they work hand-in-hand as a team, proper communication and endorsement will be done in the event that you will work with other members of their team.

 The center offers physical therapy for pre and post-op care and to manage injuries. Their focus areas include the back, neck, shoulder, knee and ankle. They administer joint mobilization and muscle strengthening. They also help you increase range of motion, balance, stability, and flexibility to help you return to your daily activities as soon as possible. Additionally, they also cater to hip replacement therapy to help you regain full hip movement through specific exercises.

 For competitive clients who want to reach their full potential in the sports that is a major focus in their lives, Praxis offers sports performance testing and speed training in Vernon Hills. Their human performance programs will help every aspiring teenager or even professional athletes become faster, stronger and more agile to help them achieve their specific goals in sports. All programs are done on a one-on-one session with a professional therapist. First, an initial comprehensive evaluation is done to assess one’s movement ability, flexibility, posture and body balance. Then, goals and objectives are defined. Based on your aspirations and your current physical state, an exercise program is designed to enhance performance to the maximum and help you realize your goals. Additionally, an injury prevention program is also devised and incorporated into the program to protect the shoulders, elbows, ACLs, quads, hamstrings, knees, ankles and other parts of the body.

 Not only does Praxis have the manpower, trainings, skills and knowledge to perform therapy and rehabilitation but they also have the necessary tools, machines and equipment. Some of these include the Smith machine, Maxicam bench press machine, standing leg curl machine, treadmills, Airdyne bikes, Thera-balls, dumbbells, free weight benches, Bosu bounce balls, and several others.

 So, if you want to know your current standing, you can have a complete performance evaluation today. Or, if you know someone who will greatly benefit from such program, getting him or her into the evaluation or training for only $195.00 will be a fantastic gift!

 Praxis aims to help everyone who wants to improve their lives through physical therapy or human performance evaluation. They are a team of experienced, highly skilled and licensed therapists who will walk with you every step of the way until you reach your specific goals. So, if you are in need of physical therapy or are interested in speed training or sports performance testing in Vernon Hills, Praxis is the center to call. You can reach them at 847-247-7200. You can also browse their website,, for more details.