More National Brands Than Ever Launched UGC Campaigns in June: SparkReel Makes it Easy to Join the Ranks

Chicago June 14, 2014 -- Countless large national brands joined the ranks of companies like Coca-Cola, Lucky Charms and Jack Daniel's in launching interactive user generated content campaigns during the month of June. UGC was named a 2014 emerging marketing trend in dozens of leading industry publications and continues to pick up steam as more and more large, recognizable brands realize the benefits of interacting with and showcasing consumer content.

This trend however, is not reserved only for behemoth consumer packaged goods companies. A staggering 80% of all content online is user generated and Chicago startup SparkReel has seen plenty of mid and smaller-size brands such as hospitals and non-profits also successfully take advantage of it.

"The appeal of user generated content is that it's approachable and trustworthy," said Matt Gibbs, Co-founder of SparkReel, a software platform that helps brands turn UGC into marketing assets through contests and customer-centric communities. "We really try to embody those values as a company by being not just a software provider, but a partner across the entire life of the client's campaign. From brainstorm to completion, we want to help brands of all sizes embrace and see the power of user generated content."

SparkReel sets themselves apart by:

1. Keeping their fingers on the pulse of what's hot in UGC and consistently displaying thought-leadership through educational guides, tips and up-to-date recaps of the latest great campaigns.

2. Providing unprecedented access to their platform through on-site videos and an interactive demo that can be immediately accessed without sales team intervention.

3. Boasting a team full of media and marketing veterans who consistently contribute to campaign brainstorms and buildouts.

"We're thrilled to be helping brands innovate in such an emerging space, especially one that’s gained so much traction the past couple months” said Gibbs. "As ways to capture and share content evolve, SparkReel will continue to adapt to be the go-to user generated content platform.”


About SparkReel:

SparkReel is a Chicago startup that helps brands harness the power of user generated content and put it to work to drive engagement, earned media and consumer action. SparkReel is part of the Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi Ventures network and has partnered with Verizon, Wired, Men’s Fitness, LOFT and countless other brands.

SparkReel continually publishes user generated content campaign recaps, insights and tips on their blog.

Media Contacts:

Kaleigh Simmons

Director of Marketing


Matt Gibbs

Co-founder, CMO