SMS Undo App to Delay the Process of Sending Unwanted SMS

23rd May 2014 – There are times when people send messages to unintended recipients or some embarrassing messages to parents, bosses or colleagues. They really wish they could take back those messages but can hardly do so. The message reaches the unintended target with lightening fast speed and the damage is done. A network that you find doesn’t work properly works excellent especially during these situations. There is one solution to get rid of these embarrassing and ironic situations. The SMS UNDO is an excellent App that delays the message sending process. During this time, users can actually delete or modify the message. The App runs in the background and works literally for every message that the user sends. Users can also set the preferred holding time up to 3 minutes with a 15 second interval. They can also switch on and off the service at any time or can set up timer.

Users need to go to the app in order to delete the message. They will not be charged anything extra apart from the standard service rate. There are no displaying ads that disturb the process of message deletion or modification. The app works on all android enable devices or mobile phones. Users can instantly sms stop and cancel the SMS sent to the wrong person accidentally. The SMS UNDO app was developed by D-arm and is definitely the best solutions to say goodbye to sending embarrassing texts accidentally. The app is available on Google Play as mentioned in the link below. It is an extremely simple to understand and an easy to use tool.

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About SMS Undo Android App

SMS Undo App at is an app that delays the messages that users send on their android mobiles thereby giving enough time for them to delete or edit them.

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