Black Owned Search Engine Offers Free Advertising To Black Business Owners

January 20, 2015 is a black owned search engine with a social mission to donate 20% of its net profits towards creating more black owned companies through its participation with the Kiva foundation.

Today, the company announced its Black link advertising program, which enables black owned businesses to ultimately receive free advertising exposure on the search engine. 

A black link is a special icon that appears next to the black business owners website listing within the search results. A black link icon  notifies the search engine users that they are doing business with a black owned company or a company that donates money towards the social mission of

The Nielson company reports that there are 23.9 million African Americans shopping online each month and aims to connect these black consumes with black owned business via its black link program.

Business owners may claim their free advertising on the search engine by visiting the add my black owned business section of the website. dubbed as the search engine that gives back, has partnered with the search giant Yahoo to provide its search results and to ensure that users will have a quality search experience while effortlessly creating more black on black commerce.

For press inquiries, please contact the company directly at