Free Space with File Shredder

Users looking to free space on their computer can use the file shredder that performs a flawless job.

File shredder can be used on the computer or any portable device as the tool itself is very portable. This helps in deleting all the files permanently from the system if not needed anymore. One can save space on the system using this shredder. Files that need to be deleted can be added to the application with the simple drag and drop function. Once added all the selected files can be deleted with a single shred option permanently. The application even scans the files before deleting them. As it removes the files permanently it is a good idea to check them before choosing the shred option.

This tool can be protected with a password that prohibits any unauthorized usage thus making it a safe application to use. Before using the program it needs to be configured and users can free a lot of space on their device by deleting the unwanted files from history, drives and cookies.

This is a handy application that works flawlessly, is very small in size and can be used with different versions of Windows thus proving to be a useful application for anyone looking to delete files.

About File Shredder

File Shredder is a handy and portable tool that helps in deleting files from the system, free history, delete cookies and free space on the system. It is a portable application which can be used on portable devices as well. With a simple drag and drop function the files can be added to the tool which can be protected using a password thus preventing unauthorized usage. It hardly requires any installation and once configured can be used very easily.

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