NYC Columnist Goes On 50 Dates To Find The Perfect Wedding Date


New York, New York - January 23, 2014-Juliet C. Obodo is NY dating columnist with a web series set to premiere this Valentine's Day. We will follow her as she goes on 50 first dates in order to find the perfect date to her best friend's wedding in June.

Dating expert Juliet C. Obodo will being putting her advice into practice and then some by going on 50 first dates. The idea came to her when she received a save the date from her best friends who live in Spain. She has known them since high school so this signaled not only an important moment in their lives but also one in her own.

"It was time to seriously seek a potential partner rather than temporary boyfriend," she wrote. She originally planned on taking a road trip across the US but realized that most of the current residents in NYC were not only from other parts of the country but also the world. She could find a guy from North Dakota North of Houston.

"New York has a ton of new residents each year," says Ms. Obodo, "there was no need for me to pack up and leave when new guys were arriving each day."

The dates and recaps will be recorded and published on YouTube. The dates themselves will take place at restaurants that remind each guy of their home state. The show will be a great combination of food,fashion and the four letter word. It won't follow the same format as other dating shows on television but will act as snap shots into the lives and minds of NYC singles in their 20s and 30s. The show's primary setting will be UR CUP, an independent coffee shop in Greenwich Village.

Ms.Obodo feels that in New York coffee shops are a huge part of every day life. "The baristas have become therapists not only for me but for a lot of the other regulars. They serve us gourmet coffee and great advice."

The first episode will premiere on Valentine's Day 12pm EST. The perfect time for YouTube viewers to tune in and hear about her first of fifty dates over lunch or a cup of coffee.

Juliet C. Obodo writes a weekly column for YourTango. You can watch the trailer for the web series at

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