Free Shipping and Discounts on Grow Lights from Growblu

Growblu makes LED grow lights affordable by offering discounts and free shipping across the country. With the coupon code, indoor horticulturists and enthusiasts can save as much as 5% on their purchases.  

[Santa Clara, California, May 21, 2014] – Growblu, a premier LED grow light distributor, offers discounts and free shipping to customers in the United States. Shoppers can use the coupon code on grow lights in the Super UFO Series or the Apollo Series. For more savings, the company adds a three-year warranty on all of their LED grow lights.  


While there are many artificial lights used for horticulture, LED arrays are more effective in promoting photosynthesis than High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. The company explains that LEDs emit more usable lights than HPS.  

Feature-packed Products

Their grow light is different from other products, as they help customers cultivate plants at 100% absorption efficiency. Growblu explains that their LEDs only target specific wavelengths that plants can absorb, allowing horticulturists to yield better quality yields. 

On average, their light consumes 25 to 50% less energy than HPS lights and metal halide, which are perfect for reducing energy consumption, operating costs and carbon footprints. Furthermore, their grow lights come with an advanced built-in cooling system. The high output fans and 2-centimeter thick quality aluminum fin heat sinks allow their LEDs to work at less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Their LED grow lights also generate less than 35db. Customers do not have to worry about soundproofing their grow spaces. 

The company also makes it easier for first-time indoor plant growers to use LED grow lights, as their products are all plug-and-grow, and are easy to maintain. 

Efficient Customer Service

Growblu is also known for their unmatched customer service and support. The company has built an efficient and user-friendly system, which makes it easier for shoppers to get the assistance they need. To make sure clients are satisfied, the company offers refund for defective or unused merchandise. The LED distributor notes that returns made within 30 days of the shipping date will be refunded to the original form of payment. After this period, customers will receive store merchandise credit.     

Growblu makes growing plants more rewarding with their energy-efficient, plug and grow LED lights. With an extensive collection of grow lights, customers won’t have a hard time looking for a product that meets their requirements. 

About Growblu

Famous for its advanced indoor solutions that offer exceptional plant growth, Growblu is a leading LED grow light source in the United States. Gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts can choose between two collections: Super UFO Series and Apollo Series. All lights in both series come in 110V and 240V options, making them perfect for customers across the globe. 

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