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Malaysia, 20/06/2014–Malaysia has a rich and vibrant food culture. One that attracts people from all walks of life and tourists from all over the world. And there’s no better way to experience the true smells of the city than to get your hands greasy on a hot, steaming Original Malaysia Curry Chicken Bun, at the award winning Lucky King Bun!

Lucky King Bun is the winner of 21st Century The Prestigious Product QualityAward and has been featured in international travel and food shows, including ‘On The Beat’ on TV3 and Astro 708/ 8TV “HO CHAK!”

Eating piping hot, fragrant buns with chicken curry is a tradition in Malaysian food culture. But at Lucky King Bun, this age old tradition has been given a new twist. For the first time, a spicy, flavour filled, juicy chicken curry is enclosed in a large bun. This is bound to be a mouth-watering unforgettable experience for first timers, who are bound to come back for more.

But the Seremban curry chicken bun, locally known as the kariayampau, isn’t the only specialty dish on offer at the Lucky King Bun. Here, the aim is to please customers’ taste buds in every way possible. For example, imagine a delectable symphony of twenty spices, sweet and savoury, in a curry of pork ribs and some Dongpo pork (half fat and half lean meat). A single mouthful is designed to flush out all the juices in the tender meat and send you halfway to food heaven.

Or, one could try the Dragon Seafood Pot. You could either try saying it in Chinese; Lung Fu Wui! An easier alternative would be to just try this delectable combination of milky, mild curry soup infused with a whole submarine food chain that includes crabs, prawns, squid, clams and fresh fish, sliced beautifully and served piping hot in a boiling pot. This is the dish that makes Malaysians and foreigners wonder if Lucky King Bun serves the best Chinese cuisine in town.

No wonder this is Malaysia’s most wanted.

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Lucky King Bun is Malaysia’s most popular, award winning eatery, which specializes in its very own culinary invention the original Curry Chicken Bun.

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