New Invention Trend Strap N Guard Pin Straps Revolutionizing the Fashion and Lingerie Industry

Strap N' Guard Accessories, Company has released a new Pin strap in the market, while making this announcement the company president and CEO, Carmen Molina said that the new product will revolutionize the fashion and lingerie industry. The CEO added that Strap N' Guard Pin-straps solves multiple common problems for women garments. This trend invention adds functionality from the traditional style of bra hooks, providing the wearer ultimate strapless support and unlimited engagement to their garments. "We are providing revolutionary convertible bra straps for women clothing that are functional and fashionable for everyday wear", said the company CEO.

With the Strap N' Guard Pin-straps, one can pin into to the bra or clothing, without bra loops. One will no longer be required to buy additional bras just for the bra loop locations. It will not be necessary to sew on new bra loops. carries a diverse selection of convertible pin straps from chic, casual, everyday wear, to sexy and fabulous night and formal evening wear available in clear invisible pin straps, rhinestone pin straps, beaded pin straps, Austrian crystal pin straps, gem style pin straps and more. According to Carmen Molina, the CEO and President of Strap N' Guard Accessories, Co, these versatile trending pin-straps are a must-have in every woman's closet. Strap N' Guard Pin-straps inventory is constantly updated with a glamorous and diverse selection of fashion accessories, added the company representative.

According to the company representative Strap N' Guard Pin Straps has sold nation wide and many additional countries around the world in as little as three years and successfully continues selling currently online on their new redesigned website The great demand of the product and the rapid growth of the company has allowed them to extend the sales channel at Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Sears online platforms.

While noting these developments the company representative revealed that Strap N' Guard Pin Straps successful growth was due to a void in the fashion market to a much needed product that solves the common problem that ladies have encountered over the past few centuries with their strapless garments and limited use of the traditional convertible bra straps for women from early teen's to adult years.

About Strap N
Strap N Guard Pin Straps and accessories is a small family owned business, which was launched in 2012 as a company selling only our Worldwide Patents Pending Pin Straps. In less than three years, the company has extended its products to include jewelry and other accessories as well.

In the short period, the company has managed to sell their products to people located and in all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marshall Islands, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, and China. In addition the business has been using its own website and online platforms such as Amazon, EBay to sell their products.

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Carmen Molina
CEO President of Strap N' Guard Accessories, Co.
Tel: 561-370-3763