In Medical Billing, Experience Is Important

Medical Billing is an incredibly complex industry.  Between the different codes and procedures, there are thousands of ways to bill for medical procedures, and that's just in one type of practice.  Billing is different for every type of practice, including; Cardiology, Pain Management, Opthalmology, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, and Radiology.  All of these different types of practices have a myriad of codes and procedures that need an experienced group to be applied properly.

This is where a company like Medical Billing Associates, Inc. is important. 

When Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. first opened in 1998, they did not want to be a “typical” billing company.  The main difference between MBS and their competitors is dedication and loyalty to our clients.  They aim to please our clients in every aspect.  They have always held to the standard of providing 100% customer satisfaction, not only to physicians, but also their patients.  The second noticeable difference from “typical” billing companies is that they strive to give 110% in everything.  They look at every situation as an opportunity to increase your collections, and are NOT A DATA ENTRY ONLY billing company.  They empower their employees to achieve quality work that provides affordability in today’s tough economy, while maintaining integrity with every action.

Most of the staff has experience working in medical offices, so not only do they understand the vast complexities of billing, but they also understand how a clinical office operates.  This enables MBS to provide the best service to their clients.  In addition, the president has worked in clinical medical practices and large hospital organizations for over 30 years.  View a letter from their president to learn more about her motivation for starting Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.