Best hotels and Resort ở Phú Quốc on the cleanest beaches

We always look for a getaway in our holidays and vacations which will be clean, easy to reach and affordable. The answers to all our wishes will come true in the form of the resort ở Phú Quốc and Phu Quoc hotel at the tranquil island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam. They provide cheap getaways in the idyllic island and one of the cleanest beaches in the world with exotic scuba diving facilities, pepper farms and many such natural awesome experiences. 

The island has an amiable climate, especially in winters. Thus the best time to visit the island and its resorts and hotels is winter; otherwise the heat and rains are too much for people who are not accustomed to extreme weather conditions. The sunshine in the in the winter would provide the ideal tan for the tourists who would like to take home a souvenir right on their skins. Resort ở Phú Quốc and Phu Quoc hotel are ideally placed in the southern coast of the ancient country of Cambodia. The location itself provides an exotic thrill. 

In order to become tourist friendly the local government and the local businesses have decided to work in tandem to lower the overall costs of staying at the island. The administration has done its bit by laying a sub-marine electric cable line. This has helped to bring down the cost of the various services provided by the local islands. In fact one could start from as cheap a rate as $148/night per person.


The resort ở Phú Quốc and Phu Quoc hotel offer an easy access to a number of tourist spots around the island. In fact, the resort is so placed that all the places of interest are quite near. You could feast your visual and olfactory senses by a visit to the pepper farms. They both look good and smell beautiful. You can buy a number of products made at the farm. Then there is the Ham Ninh village that offers a memorable insight into the lives and cultures of the resident fishermen. The place is also of interest for its visual pleasures. 

A visit to the resort ở Phú Quốc and Phu Quoc hotel would also help you to undergo an undersea experience while snorkelling and scuba diving. The local sea food is going to throw your taste buds into a tizzy. These comprise of lobsters, crabs and other such mouth watering sea delicacies. Besides, the welcome that you receive by the indigenous population is really heart warming. 

These are the additional perks of a tour to resort ở Phú Quốc and Phu Quoc hotel. It is these factors that make any tourist to the island wonder as to why this place is so little developed. But one can say that it is the pristine quality of the place that makes the tourists stay here longer than they thought they would. As the stay has now become affordable extending their stay in these wonderful locations is not going to burn a hole in their pocket.

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