Market Insight: Product Development Metrics Research Summary 2014

The 2014 Product Development Metrics Survey was designed to collect quantitative information about Product Development Metrics; and changes to selected emerging business and market activities that are likely to affect the metrics for corporate organizations and activities involved with R&D and Product Development in the future. Two-hundred (200) companies performing research and/or product development in North America participated.

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Findings of this research are currently offered in two reports of increasingly detailed description and analysis: Research Highlights (MR51) and Research Summary (MR52). The first report, MR51 which analyzes the survey population as a whole is an "all text" summary of the research findings. The second report, MR52, contains all text in MR51 plus a full-color graphic of the responses to each research question.

The outline of each 2014 report follows this basic structure:

  • R&D Operating Environment: Innovation categories, priorities, and deployment.
  • Organic Innovation: Innovation activities originating from within the company.
  • Open Innovation: Innovation activities originating from outside the company.
  • Intellectual Property: Registered and unregistered IP activities relating to innovation.
  • Top Corporate Metrics Used in Industry: CXO-level metrics used to direct and manage R&D.

The outline of each section within the 2014 reports follows the same basic structure.

  • Research Questions
  • Factual Observations
  • Management Analysis
  • Graphs Of Responaes

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MR52, the 2014 Product Development Metrics Research Summary, is a 138-page report containing text and graphics that describe and analyze the survey population as a whole. The report summarizes the overall survey results and provides details on the demographics of the survey respondents.

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