It’s a Wrap: boloco Returns to its Former Name

Burrito restaurant rebrands as “The Wrap” and unveils streamlined menu changes 

BOSTON, MA (April 1, 2015) – Today, boloco, a globally inspired fast casual restaurant with 20 locations throughout New England, announced a rebranding that is effective immediately across all locations. The restaurant will return to its former name, “The Wrap,” while also unveiling a revamp of its menu, which is aimed at streamlining the current offerings.

In addition to the rebranding, The Wrap is getting back to basics by focusing on efficiency.  As of April 1, the menu will consist of six menu items, in the name of streamlining the burrito and smoothie ordering process. While The Wrap plans to introduce new gourmet wraps and smoothies in the next few months, longtime fan favorites such as the Buffalo burrito and the Nutella Shake will be discontinued. Mini and small burritos will no longer be available, with original sizing being the “one size fits all” offering. The new menu will feature the Teriyaki, Bangkok Thai, and Classic Mexican burritos, as well as the Strawbana Smoothie, Berry Blitz Smoothie, and Jimmy Carter Shake.

The change comes after several years of internal debate around the name. Founded in 1997 as “Under Wraps,” the brand change to “The Wrap” created a bit of an identity crisis. Team members debated whether the name correctly conveyed the food offerings. Did it read more ‘cold deli meat and alfalfa sprouts’ than ‘buffalo chicken?’ Research was conducted and soon The Wrap became boloco, short for Boston Local Company.

The change was not welcomed with open arms. In particular, local media outlet Improper Bostonian deemed the transition the “Stupidest Name Change” saying:

          What was wrong with The Wrap? It was straight-forward and simple, letting you know what to expect. With their new name, this lunchtime or on-the-fly standby (which still serves delicious and health alternatives to fast food) could be selling anything from chimichangas to car parts. OK, so we get the fact that wraps are sandwiches packaged as burritos. But why the need for a Spanglish-y name when the old one explained exactly what they were selling? If this were Intro to Marketing, we’d have to give them an F. 

“Hindsight is definitely 20/20,” said The Wrap CEO Patrick Renna. “We made the change we felt was right at the time, but it turned out not to adequately represent the brand we want to be. We hope our loyal fans will stick with us through this transition which, we feel, will ultimately be to the brand’s and our guests’ benefit.”

Made it this far? Then you’ve probably guessed: APRIL FOOLS’! boloco is still boloco (at least, for now!), but guests can get a special deal today. Today only, the six menu items listed above will be available in boloco restaurants and through online, app, and kiosk ordering at 1997 pricing. PS – extras are still extra:

  • Teriyaki Original: $4.95
  • Bangkok Thai Original: $4.95
  • Classic Mexican Original: $4.95
  • Strawbana Smoothie Original: $3.48
  • Berry Blitz Smoothie Original: $3.48
  • Jimmy Carter Shake Original: $3.48

Happy April Fools’ Day from The Wrap (aka your friends at boloco)! 


The Wrap believes that even a gourmet wrap aspires. The Boston-based family of 20 restaurants and over 350 team members serves gourmet wraps and shakes in locations throughout the New England region.  The Wrap first opened its doors in 1997 with a one-of-a-kind mission: “to build a unique business that positively impacts the lives and futures of The Wrap’s people… through bold and inspired food and practices.” With this mission in mind, the family of gourmet wrap restaurants constantly looks for innovative ways to bring wages up and to support the development of its team members.  For a time known as boloco, the restaurant ultimately decided that the Improper Bostonian had it right all along and decided to undo the “Stupidest Name Change” mistake of 2006.  Just kidding… April Fools’! To get the inside scoop on boloco, visit or email