Thrive-Products Is Jumping Into The World Of Amazon By Releasing "Litstix," The Premiere Safety Light


Oxnard, CA (May 15, 2014) - Thrive-Products has come up with an incredible glow stick, to cater to the demands of the users. LitStix Green Chemical glow stick, introduced by the company, is primarily non toxic industrial grade light sticks. This is the first product, introduced by the company, at the store front of Amazon.

The new Amazon retailer specialized in safety lights has come into existence in 2012 when two life-long friends sold their first home-made skateboard. Thrive products embodies prosperity through living life to the fullest. The highest quality glow stick, introduced by the company is apt for military uses, camping, biking, party entertainments and several other occasions.

The retailing company has introduced variety of LED colors, and bulk packs, to facilitate the buyers. The small partnership brand has unveiled free glow bracelet with every order.

Buying Thrive products promotes lasting friendships and fun times. The green industrial grade chemical light stick comes with 8 to 12 hours of light life. It is a 6 inches long device that provides 360 degree of illumination. This is a completely non flammable glow stick. Added to that, this safety light comes with water proof and wind proof features.   

“Thrive Products” aims to inspire young entrepreneurs to flourish in business and life. This brand is broadening its sales into Amazon. “Thrive-Products” focuses on introducing a relatively small number of high quality products under few selected categories after the passions and interests of the business partners. “Thrive-Products” strives to add value to the lives of the Amazon customers.

Apart from concentrating of the quality added deals, the online retailers have also tried to offer the most budget friendly deals to the customers. The chemical glow sticks, introduced by the company is offered at only $10.99, along with free shipping facilities. The company has also included the facility of completely money back guarantee to the buyers.

The first ever product of the company has already created a huge sensation in the market. J Louie has recently picked up this product. He comments, “I loved the affordable range of the glow sticks. I really appreciate the free glow bracelet as well. They look nice and styling. I have tried several other light sticks, but have not been satisfied to this extent. Besides that, it is it wind free and water free. These factors have actually impressed me the most. I am definitely going to place another order for my friend, who loved my collection.”

Thrive Products has come up with LitStix green chemical glow sticks. This is a wind and water proof stick. For more information please visit    

Kris Kern