New technology applied to Airwheel smart electric assist bicycle E6

The newly released electric assist bicycle E6 by Airwheel comes under spotlight on the account of its various new technology used in it. Both the electronic brake system and the dual suspension are the draw. Hereby we will have a careful look at Airwheel electric assist bicycle E6. These new technology much have a renewed impression on us.

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Each time the rider bumps along the mountain road or uneven road, he dislikes being tossed up and down. The tossing gives rise a serious experience of ride. Airwheel aims to create a comfortable ride for the customers. As a result, Airwheel felt obliged to get over this technique hitch. In Airwheel A3, Airwheel introduced the spring under the saddle to absorb the tossing, but with limited success. Later he adopted the hydraulic suspension in Airwheel A3. The hydraulic suspension is effective in attacking the tossing. In view of its decent effectiveness, Airwheel develops a dual suspension in its newly released scooter. With the dual suspension, Airwheel electric folding bicycle E6 provides the rider with an unprecedented comfortable ride.

The electronic brake system was first introduced to Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter A3. The purpose of introduction of the EBS is to ensure safety factor. Many beginners cannot quickly respond to certain critical moment when he needs brake. It usually causes some dangers. In order to facilitate the brake for the beginners, Airwheel studied the EBS and used it in Airwheel A3. It has had a success early. This time, Airwheel opts for it once again and transplants it to Airwheel E6 E bike . With the EBS, the rider seems reassured of safety. They can behave more bravely and boldly during the ride so that they can enjoy the fun and happiness of ride. 

The electric assist bicycle E6 is a revolutionary and innovative model. From all aspects, it is a milestone in the history of Airwheel products.

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