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Originally developed by AstraZeneca and produced by some makers of generic drugs, bicalutamide is an oral non-steroidal antiandrogen. And it was approved in 1995 as a combination treatment with surgical castration for advanced prostate cancer. For patients unwilling to receive surgical castration, it is a good news that bicalutamide has since also been widely used as a monotherapy for the treatment of earlier stages of the disease.

In the US, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of male death with one in seven men suffering from it. Generally, elder people fall victim to prostate cancer which is caused by an excess of male hormones including testosterone i.e. androgen. Therefore, the regular treatment of prostate cancer is reducing androgen level in patients by surgical castration or ADT. In China, prostate cancer reports an incidence which ranks sixth in male malignant tumor and gradually increases with age before reaching a peak among people aged 70-80. And patients with a family history of the disease report earlier onset, among which 43% are 55 or younger than 55.

According to CRI's market survey, the sales value of bicalutamide in sample hospitals rose from less than CNY 14 million in 2005 to over CNY 232 million in 2014 with CAGR during this period reaching 37.6%. And AstraZeneca (Germany), Zhendong Group, Shanghai Fudan Forward Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , Hisun and Shanghai Zhaohui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. occupy the market, among which AstraZeneca (Germany) had the largest market share of over 80% for sales value in 2014.

By the end of 2014, the number of people aged above 60 will reach 212 million and account for 15.5% of the total population in China. With ageing population, the incidence of is expected to increase, which stimulates the market demand for such prostate cancer drugs as bicalutamide.

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-competitive landscape of bicalutamide market in China

-price of bicalutamide made by different enterprises in China

-market outlook of bicalutamide in China

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Companies Mentioned

AstraZeneca; Zhendong Group; Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Fudan Forward Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Zhaohui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Table of Contents

1 Related Concepts of Bicalutamide

1.1 Indication

1.2 Sales Status in Global Market

2 Market Profile of Bicalutamide in China

2.1 Patent and Approval Information of Bicalutamide in China

2.2 Major Manufacturers

2.3 Market Size

3 Survey on Bicalutamide Sales in China, 2010-2014

3.1 Sales Value

3.1.1 Overall Sales Value

3.1.2 Sales Value by Regions

3.2 Sales Volume

3.2.1 Overall Sales Volume

3.2.2 Sales Volume by Regions

4 Survey on Market Share of Major Bicalutamide Manufacturers in China, 2010-2014

4.1 Market Share by Sales Value

4.2 Market Share by Sales Volume

5 Survey on Dosage Forms of Bicalutamide in China, 2010-2014

5.1 Share of Different Dosage Forms by Sales Value

5.2 Share of Different Dosage Forms by Sales Volume