ProPRcopy Releases White Paper on Outsourced Content Creation

By outsourcing their content creation needs to professional copywriting services, chief marketing officers and marketing teams are able to improve the quality of their content while significantly reducing costs.

That’s the focus of “Outsourcing Content Creation,” the latest white paper from ProPRcopy, a Milwaukee-based firm that provides content writing services for businesses and organizations throughout North America.

The white paper, available for free download on the company’s website, details the challenges marketing teams face in creating rich, informative content on a consistent basis—and how a copywriting service is a better option than hiring in-house staff or attempting to manage multiple freelance writers.

“It is always a thrill for us when our copywriters can use what they have learned working with our clients and create an outstanding white paper like the one we’re now releasing to the public,” said Steve Bailey, president of ProPRcopy. “We are seeing a rapidly increasing number of businesses turning to outsourced content writing services like ours—and it’s happening across virtually all industries. We invite marketers, business owners, executives and anyone else to download and read through this informative white paper today.”

The white paper details the various reasons why outsourcing content creation is an attractive option for businesses and organizations, including the fact that it scales well and can be highly cost-effective. Outsourcing to an established copywriting agency also provides companies access to skilled and vetted writers who have experience creating content on subjects related to their industries.

The white paper goes on to provide insights on how to search for the right content creation partner, looking for attributes like experience, a sound process, quality and affordability.  

“Outsourcing Content Creation” is just the latest in a series of white papers, how-to guides and e-books ProPRcopy has developed and made available to the public in recent months. Among other topics the company’s copywriters and editors have covered include content writing for crowdfunding projects, the importance of business blogging and the value of press releases in the digital age.

ProPRcopy, founded in 2010, is a widely respected provider of copywriting services, offering blog content, articles, press releases, website copy, email marketing content, social media content and much more. Its experienced copywriters and editors are all based in the United States, have at least a bachelor’s degree and have experience in communications, marketing, public relations or a related field.

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