Dudash Group Insurance Celebrates a Successful First Year

Dudash Group Insurance (DGI), a Pennsylvania insurance agency specializing in auto, home, life and business insurance products from Farmers Insurance, is proud to announce the successful completion of its first year in business. Year-one for DGI exceeded all expectations in terms of customer satisfaction, customer base expansion, and new customer referrals. Much of this success can be attributed to DGI’s ability to consistently save money for customers, and to creatively solve their insurance-related problems.

DGI’s customer-centric orientation is a key differentiator relative to the competition, and is one of the key reasons the company exceeded its year-1 financial projections. The company’s philosophy is grounded in finding creative insurance solutions for its customers, especially solutions that save them money. The staff at DGI has many years of experience, and they are able to use this experience to customize insurance products in a way that maximizes the protection while minimizing the cost.

“Our goal is and always has been to offer our neighbors the premiere coverage that’s exclusive to Farmers’ valued customers, while also delivering high standards of personal service that you can only find with a local, hometown agency,” said DGI’s founder and CEO Matthew Dudash. “I strongly believe that it is this laser-like focus on what’s best for the customer that sets us apart.”

Another driver of DGI’s impressive first year results is the expansion of the company’s outreach efforts. The company recently launched a new and improved website, has engaged in a multitude of grassroots marketing efforts, and has presented at numerous seminars focusing on the changing dynamics of customer relations within the insurance industry. These initiatives have dramatically enhanced awareness of the DGI brand, and have fostered the establishment of a trusted reputation throughout the region.

The new website,, has been extremely well-received. The new site features a new and improved navigational structure to make it easier for people to find what they need, and now has an extensive library of educational content designed to answer insurance-related questions in plain English. The website also allows current and potential customers the ability to receive an instant insurance quote with the click of a button, or to request that an agent call them back to discuss options.

Dudash, as well as DGI’s employees, were all born and raised in the Lehigh Valley area, so they understand local customer needs. This understanding of local customer needs is another reason for DGI’s rapid growth and high level of customer satisfaction. Lehigh Valley consumers prefer to work with businesses that understand them, their needs, and the attributes of their local area, and that is what DGI delivers. This has provided a distinct competitive advantage.

“We cherish this area because we were all born and bred here and we all still have family here, and our customers truly appreciate our ties to the community, because it matters,” said Dudash. “The Lehigh Valley is wonderfully unique, and there is absolutely no doubt that our intimate knowledge of the region allows us to create better solutions for our customers.”

About Dudash Group Insurance

Dudash Group Insurance is a Pennsylvania insurance company located in Allentown, PA and online at The company is a leading provider of home, auto, life and business insurance in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. DGI products are underwritten by Farmers Insurance, one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the entire industry. DGI strives to get their customers the exact level of coverage they need without paying for extras that they don’t. That’s DGI’s mission and promise, and it’s something that is not taken lightly.


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