RadaR prep for the release of EP, "The Wavelength Vol. One"

Los Angeles, CA - May 3, 2016 -- RadaR is a DC based indie dance rock band. Killer live performances, a fresh look, and their dance/punk/funk- tinged Rock sound defines their style. They really believe that like attracts like, and that their passion is what brought them together.

The band's new 5-track EP, "The Wavelength Vol. One" is scheduled for release on Tuesday, May 17th and features the melodic singles, "G. U. N. (Give Up On The Now)" and "Any." RadaR will also be hosting their "Let's Glow Crazy" EP release party on Friday, May 20th at Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC. For more information, visit the band's official website at

About RadaR
Coming from diverse realms of rock, Charles (lead vox and keys), Robzie (Drums), and Jaymes (guitarist) joined forces to create something authentic and fresh. While they have different backgrounds ranging from punk to pop, the common denominator is the genuine passion for rock and roll. Having worked with Grammy awarded producers and all sorts of projects of various genres, coming together at the right time was all it took.

After numerous tours and enterprises throughout Europe, UK, and parts of the States, Jay, Charles and Robzie landed side-by-side. Mindblown, they believe that their love of music and pursuits in creating music brought them together. They think that much like actual radars, people send frequencies into the world through every action they take and thought they have, leading to finding and being found by others on the same wavelength. RadaR celebrates their journey both in the studio and on stage through the deep resonating sounds and thumping rhythms they create together. A contagious and powerful energy leaves spectators wanting more.

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