STEAMLITE E-Cigs Are Now Available For The Customers Of Newry City


Newry City,UK (March 29, 2014) – World’s most popular electronic cigarette brand, STEAMLITE is now available for the smokers of Newry City. The concept of E Cigarette Newry City is going to be redefined with the arrival of this popular alternative smoking brand. This company is very famous for their quick delivery services, apart from the excellent product quality.

Electronic cigarette in Newry City are presented in the form of a non flammable device by the online store of STEAMLITE. The stylish electronic smoking device is considered to be a safer than and convenient smoking option. The tobacco and tar free e-cigs of this company amazingly replicates the look, size and designs of the real cigarettes. Added to that, they offer similar sensation through this artificial smoking device.

The electronic smoking online shop has presented a large number of convenient packs to compliment the necessity of the regular smokers. Their collection includes, starter packs, couple packs, self charging kits and many more. Electronic Cigar is a new inclusion in the wonderful product line of this company. This stylish looking cigar is made to cater the cigar lovers. This e-cigar nicely offers the strong flavor like a real cigar. This ash free and risk free smoking option is offered at only GBP 19.99. Buyers can add just GBP 3.99 to have a wall charger along with the kit.

E liquid in Newry City is loved by the localities. Understanding the demand of fresh and aromatic liquid, STEAMLITE has introduced new vanilla flavored e-liquid juice. This product gets dispatched within 24 hours of placing the order. The simple fragrance and taste of vanilla is preferred by the smokers of present era.  This is considered to be the most basic flavor from the total product range of the company.

STEAMLITE is the most renowned name in the world of alternative smoking. Thousands of people around the world have reported to quit the harmful smoking habits with this brand. Alex Henry is one such customer of the company. Alex specifies, “I used to be a complete chain smoker. However, I was struggling hard to come out of this habit. Finally someone suggested me the online store of STEAMLITE and I placed my first order. I remember, that was the last day, when I touched a real cigarette. In fact, I would rather say, I never felt the urge of touching it. The wonderful flavors, the similar taste did not let me realize that, I am smoking electronic cigarette.”


STEAMLITE is a world famous online store for e-cigs. This company offers amazing e-liquids as well.


STEAMLITE in Newry City